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Jonathan Fritz, David Poeppel, Laurel Trainor, Gottfried Schlaug, Aniruddh D Patel, Isabelle Peretz, Josef P Rauscheker, John Halle, Francesca Stregapede, and Lawrence M Parsons (2013)

The Neurobiology of Language, Speech, and Music

In: Language, Music, and the Brain, ed. by Michael A. Arbib. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, vol. 10, chap. 17, pp. 417-459. Strüngmann Forum Reports, J. Lupp, series ed.. (ISBN: 978-0-262-01810-4).

To clarify the domain-specific representations in language and music and the common domain-general operations or computations, it is essential to understand the neural foundations of language and music, including the neurobiological and computational “primitives” that form the basis for both, at perceptual, cognitive, and production lev- els. This chapter summarizes the current state of knowledge in this burgeoning cross- disciplinary field and explores results from recent studies of input codes, learning and development, brain injury, and plasticity as well as the interactions between perception, action, and prediction. These differing perspectives offer insights into language and music as auditory structures and point to underlying common and distinct mechanisms and future research challenges.